Serverless code automatisation in the cloud with Azure Functions

Having a working notebook with an interesting case and ideally some meaningful result is great for one self. But when it comes to presenting your work to others, be it colleagues, possible future employers or just the internet, a fully automated and running showcase is just a lot more “sexy” than sending someone a notebook via mail.

Apart from additional extrinsic benefits (easier feedback, interactivity with results, leaving an impression) there comes a surprising amount of intrinsic satisfaction upon elevating your proof-of-concept-level project to a fully operational product.

This article contains Part 1 of this automation series and tackles the…

and the surprising things you can do with them

Google Spreadsheets is the Excel equivalent from Microsoft in the cloud. These spreadsheets can be filled with numbers and facts, column names can be defined and functions can be implemented. So far so standard, but doing all these things in the cloud opens up some interesting possibilities.

Documents can be accessed via various APIs and thus data can be loaded to and from these Spreadsheets. This makes the service eligible for building entire ETL processes. …

Andreas Ditte

Working with Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning I want to share my experiences with the Data Science community.

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